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Welcome aboard!

Since the beginning of time, there has been peace in the Nofts Universe. Until The Great Evil came and destroyed the many-thousand-year-old Civilization that had once been advanced and prosperous.
Very few Nofts survived... Now, havoc and chaos dominate their world. All the states and economies were lost in the doom. Almost every planet was destroyed, and the lands are no longer inhabitable. Nofts lost 95% of their population back then.
When the threat of complete extinction came real, these creatures managed to form the Last Guild and saved the remnants of Nofts.
Those who survived boarded the starships and were safely put in hibernation. The Nofts hoped to hide out and wait for disaster to pass.
The spacecrafts were programmed to wander in outer space and wake up the Nofts at a set time and date. Yet something went wrong, and they kept and kept sleeping, floating in space. Nobody knows how and why, but The First Noft was the only one who revived. He somehow connected to Infosphere and managed to awaken the others. But not all of them…
The First desperately discovered that he did not have enough energy to reach all the starships and rescue them all. But there’s still hope — saved Nofts can help him.
Many years have gone by, and not much has changed. The Nofts were quick to realize that they have no chance to survive here — they will die out until there is none.
The only chance to save Civilization is to leave this dying galaxy and find a new home. There is a way out: Nofts must build the Portal. Yet, it is a trouble point — it needs a lot of Astron and it's very difficult to get. Nofts have to battle to receive it.
That’s the beginning of Nofts’ journey. They must construct the Gates that will take them to a new universe where they have a chance to survive and rebuild their Civilization.
I know I cannot build these Gates on my own. All I have is a small supply of Astron, and it is hardly enough to recreate a couple of soldiers in Replicator. Only united can we rise! We have a long way to go. In the meantime, all of us who survived started to form their armies. And we are in here for a long, doomed to battle for resources.
Ship Captain NF 79829-19293
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