Ultimate mode is an play-to-earn pvp battle with players of a similar level, which starts as soon as 4 participants joined a match. It's major Noft Games deathmatch.

Entry Fee

To participate in a battle, each participant pays a starting fee. From all fees forms the prize fund. 5% of the prize fund goes towards setting up the match - the transaction fee. The amount of the entry fee directly affects the amount of the prize if you win - the more entry fee, the bigger the reward. In the event of a cancellation, all entry fees are refunded to the entrants.

Prize Pool

The prize fund is formed from the entry fees and distributed to the winners. The three nofts with the highest number of points are the winners.

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The first-place winner gets 40% of the prize pool, the second-place winner 30%, and the third-place winner 25%. The prize is sent to the participant to the wallet from which the entry fee was paid.

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