All the characteristics Noft Soldiers have are also decoded from the Infosphere. There’s still so much we do not know about DNA. Still, we discovered there are genes defining some attributes:

  1. Growth Rate. Defines how much there’s room to grow in skills for a Noft.

  2. EXP Rate. Shows how fast the soldier will grow its abilities.

  3. Power. Displays how much damage the Noft can cause to its opponents with a single attack.

  4. Vision. Helps to analyze the map and opponent positions to adopt the strategy.

  5. Speed. Increases reaction and movement speed.

  6. Agility. Makes the Noft less invisible to attacks by helping it to shoot more accurately and doge counterattacks.

  7. Vitality. Helps to survive attacks and get less damage.

  8. Luck. Increases shooting accuracy.

  9. Appearance. The whole set of genes defines the replicated soldier’s look.

15 more genes need to be decoded from the Infosphere

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