In the dawn of the Nofts Civilization, our ancestors possessed the knowledge and power to create the Infosphere. It is the repository of all the information about our lost Civilization. The Infosphere also stores the Past Soldiers’ memories. It is infinite cyberspace; and no one can say exactly how many soldiers are preserved there. Maybe some of them stayed there for eternity, others may have been added not long ago.

Unfortunately, there are not many of those left who understand how Infosphere works. We call them Miners. They retrieve new blocks of Infosphere, decode them, and pass new soldiers over to the Captains’ command. So far, that’s the only way to increase our army.

Infosphere Miners

Some Nofts refused to join the endless war for Astron. They are researchers far from warcraft. Instead, Miners are getting new soldiers from the Infosphere for us. For a decent payment, of course. Yet, despite all their knowledge, they can’t choose which soldier to awaken. So every time we get the random one.

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