Nofts are the first creatures in the existence of the Nofts Universe. Polymorphs by nature, they can take any shape. Still their standard form is of a sphere, as each and every in space has a rounded form. There are many kinds of Nofts in the Universe

Kinds of Nofts

Soldiers Nofts

They have somehow lost this ability to transform. Gone are the days when Nofts lived harmonically and flourished in the technologically advanced civilization they developed. Now they are left to struggle for survival.

The First

The first Noft to ever come alive and wake up other prime Nofts. More information needs to be decoded from the Infosphere.

Past Soldiers

For all I know, in the olden days, our Civilization possessed the might and technologies to code and import the Nofts’ identities to the digital realm. Not sure why only some of the Nofts were validated, but the most prominent warriors got saved in the Infosphere. These soldiers had different ranks:

  1. Civilian – respectable citizens that have zero idea how they got here, not really skillful when it comes to battles

  2. Recruit – soldiers that didn’t even finish the training, still, some of them must have shown outstanding results and deserved to be retained

  3. Warrior – fearless fighters in their prime years, our primary and the most numerous combat unit

  4. Hero – exceptional warriors, must be renowned for their great wins

  5. Legendary Hero – fight with speed and skill, shrewd strategists; they are watching, learning, and winning, covering themselves in glory; the Combat Leaders single-handedly determining the course of wars must have been among them

  6. Mystical – there are these mystical invincible heroes if the tales can be believed, but no one has ever seen them to this day


We can β€œrent” or hire the soldiers from other Captains. How it works: the Replicator connected to the Infosphere sends the newly decoded Noft to your Replicator, following the Captain’s order. Then, the hired soldier fills your slot.

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All those who survived The Great Evil, including me. We’re calling in the troops of soldiers to search for new places where we could find some Astron. We dispose of some spaceships and replicators to send our warriors anywhere in space.


The brave ones who united all the Captains and cosmic ships into guilds. Noft God only knows how they made us all work together.

Air Commodores

Seem to be captains like us, but it is as if they deal with the Devil: they’re the first to show up on the battlefield. They have hundreds of soldiers and spaceships, bigger and mightier than ours. Still, I should note that they are contributing to the Saving Gates construction more than anyone. They earned a place in the New Government β€” if we manage to rebuild our civilization, of course.

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