My dear and only dwelling in the whole Universe. I have a Jarvus here, a Replicator connected to the Infosphere. In my Repository I keep the rare Drawings picked up from all over the galaxy.


That’s the machine that allows us to send our soldiers to combat zones where they can find some Astron on a good day. Essentially, how it works: it downloads soldiers’ memory from Infosphere, implants it into a physical body, equips it with arming (created according to instructions from the Drawings), and instantly sends it to any place you want. And returns it back. Not everyone makes it to this stage - few of them survive. I can only send three soldiers at once, as my Replicator is quite outdated. I’m going to need more Astron to upgrade it.


Every ship is equipped with Jarvus protecting the ships from asteroids and small creatures. I can also replicate it to send to the battlefield, but soldiers will easily beat it. Jarvus totally lacks conscience and memory, it cannot learn or evolve. I usually use it to collect Astron while it’s relatively safe. That also gives a chance to try new settings and Drawings in action. Unlike soldiers, Jarvus doesn’t require many resources to be replicated.


The Replicator uses them to construct weapons, reinforced armor, or other equipment for soldiers. I pick every drawing I can find, I feel like they may come in useful. We sometimes have no choice but to sell it to other Captains to get some Astron in exchange.


I keep all the drawings I find here.

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