The good news is that the abilities can be upgraded! But here, everything is unique to each Noft too.
The growth of abilities starts with earning points. Noft earns points during gameplay.
Exp Rate is a parameter determined at the moment of minting, stays constant throughout Noft's life, and is responsible for experience absorption. When a Noft absorbs points, it is multiplied by the Exp Rate and becomes an experience.
The higher Exp Rate, the faster Noft reaches new levels. If Noft earns 1.000 points in the game and his exp rate is 1.2, Noft will get 1.200 experience. The experience accumulates until it reaches sufficient experience to move to the next level.
And when moving to a new level, each ability goes through a formula with the Grow Rate. Grow Rate is also set at the moment of minting and stays constant for the whole life of the Noft. It multiplies the initial value of the ability to determine its maximum. At the twentieth level, the ability value is higher than at the zero level. In other words, the higher the growth rate, the more the characteristics increase.
Therefore, by comparing these parameters when buying, you can choose either a fast-growing or a strong-growing Noft.