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Level and Experience

Noft earns points during the game. At the end of the battle, the points are multiplied by the Exp Rate. So they become an experience and can be assimilated by Noft.
To advance to the next level, Noft needs to gain experience, which is read in the improvers section:
1 lvl
1500 exp
2 lvl
6000 exp
3 lvl
10000 exp
4 lvl
15000 exp
5 lvl
20000 exp
The starting level of Nofts is 0, and the maximum level of Nofts is 20. The boosts increase as the Noft gets to a new level. Each Noft has its own way depending on the Grow rate value. At the 20th level, the Grow rate value of the ability is times more than at the zero level. Read more about Grow rate in the improvers section.