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Nofts meet on the battlefield, and each tries to stay alive. A Noft's expression depends on Noft's abilities. And behavior on strategy. The strategy is the principle by which a noft uses his attacks. The strategy is set by the user before the match. A different strategy can be set for each match.
One of the strategies is chosen randomly
Noft waits for the best time to make a skillful kill. Pick this one so Noft won't chase others, take cover, shoot if someone's nearby, and search for first-aid kits if needed.
Noft that having damage seeks a medkit. Select this one to have Noft chase his target, flee if he loses HP and search for medkits if needed.
Noft attacks anything that gets in the way. Choose this one, so Noft stalks the target, doesn't flee or get from its course for bonuses.
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