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Astron (ASTR)

In-game item that opens access to cool features inside the game.

ASTR Overview

Each Astron is a stellar substance that is so common in the Noft World that it has become currency. In shape, Astrons are crystals of varying sizes. They come in blue and orange colors. The luminosity of these crystals often varies depending on their number in one place. No one knows their exact origin, but everyone clearly understands the value of these crystals.
Name: Astron
Ticker Symbol: ASTR
Function: In-game Currency

ASTR In a Game

You will see your ASTR
balance in a special section in the Header.

ASTR Backstory

🪐 In the far and cold galaxy, there lived and prospered a Civilization of Nofts. That was until an apocalyptic event destroyed their homes. Now, Nofts have to battle for Astron to use it in portal construction. Using the portal, they will teleport to another galaxy and start fresh. It is made of a star core, so Nofts named it Astron.

How To Get ASTR

There are three ways to farm the in-game currency:

How To Spend ASTR

The Noft Games team is now in the process of creating the native token. Eventually, you may have an option to exchange ASTR for our cryptocurrency and completely monetize your gaming experience.