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How to Buy a Noft?

For all who are ready to be noft owners, there are two options to make their dream come true.

Option 1: Mint new NFT

The synonyms are First Market, NFT Creation
Some Nofts refused to join the endless war for Astron. They are researchers far from warcraft. Instead, Miners are getting new soldiers from the Infosphere for us. For a decent payment, of course. Yet, despite all their knowledge, they can’t choose which soldier to awaken. So every time we get the random one.
We’re pleased to report that starting this week (July, 2022) NFT minting on our website is processible with other Binance Smart Chain family currencies besides BNB. Now you can mint a Noft using BUSD, USDC, USDT, and DOGE. Notice that all of these currencies supported as BEP-20 tokens (in Binance Smart Chain network).

Option 2: Secondary Market

You can also buy tokens minted by other Captains. As correctly these Nofts have already participated in battles and have experience and a certain level of skill. Visit our Marketplace and pick the one that stands out to you.

Last but not least

Please be aware that you can buy a Noft using cryptocurrency only. Make sure to convert fiat ( traditional currencies like USD, AUD, etc) into cryptocurrency. Head over to a PAYMENT section for more details.
Conversion rate powered by Pancake Swap. Token price is the same in all currencies. It's about what's comfier only.
For non-BNB purchases we use slippage tolerance. The exact amount of slippage tolerance is listed in the purchase confirmation pop-up. Slippage Tolerance is the pricing difference between the price at the confirmation time and the actual price of the transaction users are willing to accept when swapping on AMMs. In this way we protect you from losing NFTs due to slight fluctuations in the exchange rate.