You can rent a Noft for the game. This is an opportunity for those who do not have Nofts to participate. However, owners can take advantage of it as well.
Nofts that are rented accumulate experience and grow the same way as non-rented ones.
However, do not be fooled. It is unlikely you can choose a Noft for rent and play only by it - three randomly selected Nofts are offered for rent. Nofts are selected from the ranks of Warrior and below. Also, with no more than 10,000 experience - third level and down. The probability of a second drop is extremely low. Three out of a thousand and a half.
Only Nofts from the Marketplace are available for rent, i.e., those none has purchased. In the future, we will add the possibility to lease/rent someone's Nofts.
If you like the rented Noft, you can buy it on Marketplace.
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