Noft Games
Just as in the real world the genotype is a collection of genes, a sequence that determines how an organism will grow. So in Nofts, it is the sequence of genes that determines the abilities, improvers and appearance of Nofts.
It's convenient to do this because the genotype is a 16-byte code (hex). That is, each gene is one Hex byte, two characters. For example:
0x 22 ca 1c 37 2b a8 df 81 b8 fc 70 22 34 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Example of Genotype
Not all part of the genome has been revealed yet, some genes are not responsible for anything. In the new generations we will uncover these dependencies and add new qualities to the Nofts.
The first two characters are not bytes - 0x is not responsible for anything. This is the accepted standard for representing 16-ring numbers. They are mostly used in blockchain, if you pay attention, any transaction, any paddy wallet starts with this sequence: 0x.
In the Noft world, unlike in the real world, we know exactly which gene is responsible for what. Also, there is a formula for calculating each initial value.
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